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We are passionate about technology that helps people. Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) is one such technology. It improves your business by taking it to a different level of achievement. We can work together to pursue your goals. We are here to assist and support you.
Smartcounting was established not just to be your supplier; we are your partner in achieving your dreams. Not just as an ideal solution provider; we are here to participate in developing the business ahead.
Fun, energetic and passionate about the things that we are good at, we are a team learner, focused on solutions, and always treating you as our partner. This culture was developed around team bonding and working hard together for the long period of implementation and service.
Management Consulting 80
Custom Work 70
ERP Implementation 90

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Ask anything about business improvement and how we can help you with it. These questions help form our first assessment ; to know more about your business. Please click and read the details of every explanantion. Start now.

It’s all about integration. Running more than one type of software in your business? Wow, it can make your head spin and give you a headache, right?. We have the best solution for this; please just contact our representative to find out more.
Who’s right and who’s wrong? You don’t have to let this cause panic. We know the solutions for this kind of issue. Your financial reporting will contain just uniform, consistent data – nothing else. Call us for more info.
Already implemented a ‘bring your own device’ policy in your business? We help and guide you through all the associated issues. Simple, easy, and makes your business more productive. And the end result? More profit.

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