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Why ERP? Benefits of Web based ERP in SMEs & Start-ups manufacturing industry.

INITIALLY Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution was developed for the big organizations. It also involved a huge investment which was out of reach of small and medium sized industries (SMEs). However considering the benefits the ERP solutions have, the smaller organizations also explored a way to implement it.
This attitude has paved the way for many locally made ERP solution providers entering the market with very effective applications which have turned to be ideal for small and medium sized companies. As the local ERP vendors were targeting the SMEs, they also kept the price tag in mind, which ultimately resulted in existence of some effective and affordable ERP products in the market.

Manufacturing was one of the sectors that benefited most from web based ERP solution. It was due to timely implantation of ERP. Other sectors also followed suit. Contrary to the other applications, the web based ERP system connects to all the offices of a group of business throughout the entire world. It has the capacity of both finite and infinite planning capabilities which assists manufacturers to develop original schedule. Web based ERP solution can also transform the supply chain to achieve production plan with sales plan, manufacturing, finance and customers.

Today web-enabled ERP solutions are the most effective solutions available in the market. Small to midsize manufacturing companies can benefit from a fully integrated solution designed to reduce costs, improve customer service, increase margins and generate new revenue streams. Further, SMB manufacturers can improve business performance with a highly functional, yet easily affordable, ERP solution.

Selection of right ERP holds key to success
While selecting the ERP brand, the focus should be on availability of the best practices or world-class practices in software. This strength could be in terms of availability of various planning opinions, tight control on orphan processes, excellent functions flow, easy and user-friendly reporting, graphical presentation, automatic routing through world-class valued added processes. To choose the best system, the company should identify the system that meets the business needs, matches the business profile and identifies with the business practices of the company.

Web based ERP can boost your business
Web-enabled ERP is the most important and strategic platform because it provides a solid foundation and information backbone for eBusiness. When a business application like an ERP system is enhanced with the eBusiness capability, i.e. making it a web-based ERP, it is the best vehicle to share business information with partners for creating major B2B synergies.

The impact of ERP/e-Business integration is substantial, ranging from reduced inventory and personnel level to improved order and cash management. It also results in improved customer responsiveness, reduced IT costs and the availability for value-added activities.
A clear advantage of the web-based ERP solution is that remote users like executives and sales representatives can access the company system with any browser, which is much more convenient than going through a laptop configured for Terminal Services. A quick and on-time implementation of the solution can be done on your existing configuration set up. That means you do not need to upgrade your network.

A web-hosted solution ensures a lower outlay and predictive spread of cost over time. You have a substantial saving in cost (on both the software and hardware, licensing) that can be better invested in your business process.
When you go in for a web-based ERP, you can start using it from day one and can eliminate all troubleshooting and other related technical snags.
The web-based ERP application is available to you anywhere and at any time from a simple browser.

Consult for Web based ERP Software Solutions
Before you commit to any ERP system, you should first evaluate the system such as what your organization needs and wants to accomplish with its ERP strategy. The outcome of this evaluation will help you determine which applications and what kind of functionality your organization requires as well as go a long way toward easing the implementation.

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