web based erp

1. Access from Anywhere: The main benefits of using web based ERP software is that you can use it from anywhere, or from any corner of the world with the help of Internet connection

2. Faster communication: As web based ERP software can be access from anywhere it makes communication faster within the departments.

3. Best for Managers: Managers normally travel for client meetings and other discussions, When it comes to data feeding in ERP system, web based ERP software works best for Managers as data exchange happens easily and sub ordinates get quick decision making facility.

4. Customer and suppliers management: With web based ERP software order request can be communicated and managed easily from the ERP system if it is web based. Similarly any help desk or support tickets can be escalated in case of emergencies for better customer management.

5. Proper control: With web based ERP software activities can be manage effectively due to real time data management

6. No special hardware: Another biggest advantages of using web based ERP software Is that there is no need of installing the software on each and every machine, therefore no specialized hardware is require to manage your ERP systems

7. No Installation: As everything is on the web with few login credentials user can start feeding the data into the software from any computer with the help of internet connectivity. It is not the case with Traditional or server based ERP system which needs to be installed on every user machine.